Donna Berry of Food Business News provides an excellent and detailed overview of how High Pressure Processing works, delving into the specific science behind the HPP process. Read through this amazingly accurate article for an in depth summary of high pressure processing methods of operation, its benefits, the science behind it, and the future of HPP. The article can be found HERE.

Packaging World announces that 14 Cold Pressure Council Members will be attending Natural Products West, an expo dedicated to displaying the newest organic and specialty food options all in one function. Evolution Fresh and Lineage Logistics will both have booths during the expo, so be sure to take a moment and visit. Read more about how the Cold Pressure Council intends to spread the word on High Pressure Processing at

As HPP becomes more popular, its product design develops, its machinery advances, and with the technological improvements comes a change for the future of food safety in America and across the globe. “According to Markets & Markets, sales of HPP products will reach half a billion dollars by 2022 – a jump of 90 percent over 2016” writes Pan Demetrakakes of Food Processing. Read the full article HERE.

In THIS article written by Jennifer Semple, Avure R&D Vice President and HPP expert Errol Raghubeer sounds off on the importance of high pressure processing in the pet food industry. While bacterial pathogens that can be found in low processed or raw pet foods aren’t always dangerous to animals, they can be harmful to humans through cross contamination. The safest way to make sure both you and your pets stay healthy

Good Foods Group VP and CPC Chairperson Joyce Longfield explains why the High Pressure Certification Seal is a must for consumers to know about to Food Engineering’s Rose Shilling. Longfield and Lisa Wessels, of Avure Technologies, explain how the HPP Seal gaurentees food safety and dive into the many benefits of pressurizing your product in order to retain its nutrients and flavor. Click HERE to read the full article.

Senior Vice President of HPP Science & Technology at Avure, Dr. Errol Raghubeer, discusses the benefits of HPP and how it has revolutionized food safety. Read as Dr. Raghubeer offers his insight to author, Zee Krstic, on the advancement of HPP in this article for Cooking Light. Avure Technologies is a Cold Pressure Council Founding Member, and continues to be a pioneer in the world of HPP. Read the article

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