We are pleased to announce that registration for the 2022 Cold Pressure Council Annual Conference is open! Our annual High Pressure Processing event will take place later this year on October, 25, 2022 in Chicago, IL at McCormick Place. We are looking forward to once again holding a great conference dedicated to highlighting the endless benefits of HPP and expanding consumer awareness and education of the process. BONUS! The 2022

Through the Association Partner Program, the Cold Pressure Council is pleased to announce that we will have a booth at PACK EXPO International! There’s nothing like being able to see actual equipment in motion, assess quality up close, talk to the suppliers about your needs and ask questions on the spot. Without that physical, face-to-face experience, it’s very hard to be confident a solution or equipment is right for you. And

With the success of last year’s Cold Pressure Council Annual Conference, the CPC is eager to put on this year’s iteration and continue to provide the High Pressure Processing (HPP) industry a space to learn, network and collaborate. The conference is headed to Chicago, IL at McCormick Place to host the event and we are looking forward to another in person meeting. While dates for the event are still to

We thank all of the attendees that made it out to the 2021 CPC Annual Conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center last year. Powerful presentations about upcoming consumer trends, packaging material solutions, academic research and European HPP experiences were key topics at the event. A warm thank you the meeting’s Production Sponsor, Hiperbaric, for contributing to the virtual element which allowed international speakers to present from across the globe.

The 2021 Cold Pressure Council Annual Conference is back! Our annual event will feature High Pressure Processing (HPP) best practices, the latest market trends and tips for packaging HPP products – with insights from leading food processor and services supplier experts. Dates for the event are September 28-29, 2021. Registration is through the PACK EXPO Las Vegas website by clicking Attendee, selecting “Register for In-Person,” and choosing the CPC Annual Conference.

Through the Association Partner Program, the Cold Pressure Council is pleased to announce that PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021 is moving forward! There’s nothing like being able to see actual equipment in motion, assess quality up close, talk to the suppliers about your needs and ask questions on the spot. Without that physical, face-to-face experience, it’s very hard to be confident a solution or equipment is right for you. And

The next event on the Cold Pressure Council’s calendar is PACK EXPO Connects 2020. The CPC will have their own virtual showroom at the event and will be active in the exhibitor chat to answer any questions. The dates for this event are November 9-13, 2020. Learn more about PACK EXPO Connects here. See you there!

Joyce Fassl of ProFood World shares insights on HPP in-bulk technology and how it has benefited the successful French company, Hermes Boisson. Fassl writes that the HPP machinery developed by Hiperbaric “delivers increased output, cost savings, and sustainable value.” Read the full article here.


Oct 2019

New Dips & HPP

Warren Thayer’s interview with Good Foods Group and Medlie Inc. highlights the push for refrigerated dips! Read about what new products are out there in this category and about how plant-based ingredients are becoming increasingly popular. As alternative foods and plant-based diets become more common in households around the world, so do HPP products. Read the article from Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer.

Read first hand testimony from CPC Founding Member companies JBT Avure and Universal Pure about HPP tolling. Joyce Fassl’s article in Profood World explains that the increasing demand for HPP tolling centers, on behalf of consumers, speaks to the ever rising popularity of HPP. Read more from the article here.

Tom Egan of the Cold Pressure Council discusses the importance of Australian HPP and the CPC’s global expansion. Sophie Pyrgiotis of ProPak.pro reports that Egan recognizes Australia’s booming juice market as a major pull for High Pressure Processing. Australia has a lot to offer the HPP industry and with its juice businesses skyrocketing in popularity, the CPC is excited to assist in helping promote HPP’s standardization in Australia. View the

Donna Berry of Food Business News provides an excellent and detailed overview of how High Pressure Processing works, delving into the specific science behind the HPP process. Read through this amazingly accurate article for an in depth summary of high pressure processing methods of operation, its benefits, the science behind it, and the future of HPP. The article can be found HERE.

Packaging World announces that 14 Cold Pressure Council Members will be attending Natural Products West, an expo dedicated to displaying the newest organic and specialty food options all in one function. Evolution Fresh and Lineage Logistics will both have booths during the expo, so be sure to take a moment and visit. Read more about how the Cold Pressure Council intends to spread the word on High Pressure Processing at

As HPP becomes more popular, its product design develops, its machinery advances, and with the technological improvements comes a change for the future of food safety in America and across the globe. “According to Markets & Markets, sales of HPP products will reach half a billion dollars by 2022 – a jump of 90 percent over 2016” writes Pan Demetrakakes of Food Processing. Read the full article HERE.

In THIS article written by Jennifer Semple, Avure R&D Vice President and HPP expert Errol Raghubeer sounds off on the importance of high pressure processing in the pet food industry. While bacterial pathogens that can be found in low processed or raw pet foods aren’t always dangerous to animals, they can be harmful to humans through cross contamination. The safest way to make sure both you and your pets stay healthy

Good Foods Group VP and CPC Chairperson Joyce Longfield explains why the High Pressure Certification Seal is a must for consumers to know about to Food Engineering’s Rose Shilling. Longfield and Lisa Wessels, of Avure Technologies, explain how the HPP Seal gaurentees food safety and dive into the many benefits of pressurizing your product in order to retain its nutrients and flavor. Click HERE to read the full article.

Senior Vice President of HPP Science & Technology at Avure, Dr. Errol Raghubeer, discusses the benefits of HPP and how it has revolutionized food safety. Read as Dr. Raghubeer offers his insight to author, Zee Krstic, on the advancement of HPP in this article for Cooking Light. Avure Technologies is a Cold Pressure Council Founding Member, and continues to be a pioneer in the world of HPP. Read the article

Marina Mayer discusses the modern progression of HPP and how the Cold Pressure Council’s HPC seal plays a part in its evolution. Featuring an interview with the Vice President of Product Innovation at Good Foods Group and the Cold Pressure Council Chairperson, Joyce Longfield, this article highlights the countless positives and bright future of HPP. Click HERE to read the full article published by Refrigerated and Frozen Foods.

ProFood World announces new membership category.  Trade partners membership is for retailers and food service companies that sell brand products utilizing HPP to consumers. Click here to view the full article.

Linda L. Leake, MS provides High Pressure Processing insights on the Impact of Food Packaging, HPP Stats & HPP Validation Centers. Leake interviews the Cold Pressure Council chairwoman, Joyce Longfield, MS, vice president of product innovation for Good Foods Group, LLC and takes note on how companies may use the High Pressure Certified logo on their products. View the article here.

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